MicroFEM is a Finite-Element Program;
The go-to software package for groundwater flow modeling, since 1986.

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Finite element modeling doesn't have to be difficult. MicroFEM helps geohydrologists worldwide solve questions relating to groundwater flow and generate added value for clients and society.

User-friendly. Accurate. Fast. Comprehensive.

Why use MicroFEM?
MicroFEM takes you through the whole process of ground-water modeling, from the generation of a finite-element grid through the stages of preprocessing, calculation, postprocessing, graphical interpretation and plotting.

Its capacity, flexibility and ease of use have made MicroFEM the most widely used groundwater modeling program in the Netherlands. Currently there are over 350 companies, universities, and government agencies using our software in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Areas of application
MicroFEM is an all-purpose 3D finite element groundwater model. Areas of application include:

  • Finite element modeling of groundwater flow
  • Determine flow directions and flow velocity in 3D
  • Model groundwater-surface water interactions
  • Model dewatering of construction sites

Compute Hydraulic heads and flow in 3D map view. Draw profiles to visualize effects in different model layers.

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Model boundary conditions such as different river systems, precipitation and drainage systems in 3D.

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"User-friendly and fast method for creating simple and comprehensive groundwater models."
Thijs Eijking, geohydrologist, Tjaden Consult for soil mechanics

"Easy to use, straight foward and provides the possibilities to incorporate variations in geohydrological proporties."
René van den Hoven, geohydrologist, Hovenconsult

"Very flexible to build dewatering models for construction sites."
Ferran Ala, geohydrologist, Hidrolem watermanagement

MicroFEM has been reviewed by the NGWA Ground Water Journal and received outstanding scores:
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