About MicroFEM – CEMS


We offer geotechnical and hydrogeological software as a service through REST API’s. These endpoints can be used as a trusted component in scalable automated engineering processes.


To start using MicroFEM we recommend signing up in NUCLEI (public online environment) to get access to the MicroFEM application. Through NUCLEI you can explore all of CEMS applications, try the Samples of our Cores and find useful links to API documentation and other websites of CEMS.


An Pedro de Medinalaan 3c
1086 XK Amsterdam
The Netherlands



Since 1986

Dr. C.J. (Kick) Hemker developed the initial version of the MicroFEM code in 1986. Dr. Hemker obtained his Phd at the University of Amsterdam. Upon his retirement in 2020 he found CEMS willing and able to continue his work on groundwater flow modeling.

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