Learn MicroFEM

Getting started

To start using MicroFEM we recommend following the steps below.

  1. Sign up to get acces to the MicroFEM free trial or order the full version
  2. Open the quick-start lessons and tutorial and walk through the example cases
  3. Read the manual for more information about the user interface
  4. Read the extended documentation to learn about the solution technique of MicroFEM

Profile (hydraulic head) and model section (flow lines) viewer.


Quick start

Training / Courses

Interested in following an in-depth groundwater modeling course? CEMS BV periodically organises training with MicroFEM. The courses are designed to be a masterclass with real-life examples provided by our colleagues at CRUX Engineering BV. The basics of installing and running MicroFEM are covered in the tutorials and are not repeated during the course.

Please use the following link to register for a course, an instructor will provide you with the details and a schedule.

--> Contact us! <--


The following publications provide an in-depth look at the workings of MicroFEM. Interested readers may request a PDF version of the publication

[1] Janssen and Hemker (1999) Groundwater models as civil engineering tools; Stromingen 5, nummer 3

[2] Smits and Hemker (2004) Modelling the interaction of surface-water and groundwater flow by linking Duflow to MicroFem; Stromingen 10, nummer 2

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