Free updates and User support
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   Office license 
   for any number of PC's in
   customer's office, citywide

   Single-user license
   for one-man businesses and
   "one-hydrologist companies"      

   University license
   for any number of PC's
   and single-user support

€ 1500



€  900



€  900


  Office license €  490

Free updates and User support

The purchaser of an "Office license" or "University license" is allowed to make copies of the software and use his backups of the software on more than one of his own machines, on the strict condition that these backups are only used within the city of the purchaser's office or within the department of the university concerned.

Your purchase of MicroFEM or MLU gives access to updates and customer support in the first year of your purchase. Each subsequent year a maintenance fee must be paid to receive customer support. Regular updates (improvements and small extensions) are free.
MicroFEM and MLU update information is provided in their respective "Version history" file in the download table. The "Customer login" link at the Download page allows all licensed users to download the latest versions anytime.

User support is provided by the developers: info microfem.com.

Order directly from this website

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